PEI’s Zoological Animal Show Experts

Bunny Trails is dedicated to spreading the fascination and appreciation of the animal kingdom.  The animal world is far more expansive than can be expressed in words… and even knowing as much as we do about them, there’s still more to know yet, with species undiscovered and mysteries unsolved.  We seek to share the amazing nature of some of our planet’s creatures the best way we know how:  through… live animals, knowledge, enthusiasm, and laughter.  Animal Quest offers a variety of animal-related services delivered with just that, namely: Does your child beam at the mere notion of visiting the zoo or glue themselves to the TV to watch nature specials?  Do you need to teach a classroom full of kids a life science lesson and want it to really sink in?  Is your event or fundraiser missing a certain spark or uniqueness?  Or, perhaps you’d just like to spiff up your party with some unique and exotic creatures?

We love to see the smiles on your faces, child and adult alike, at the majesty of the animal kingdom during the show.  Our Bunny Trails staff are experienced in delivering fun, exciting, and informative animal presentations for the entire age spectrum.  We do interactive and exciting shows, if you like, our animal trainers can simply walk around your party or event with animals and do more personal, miniature “trainer talk” presentations as they walk amongst your guests with live animals.  We are very hands on and our animals are used to being handled – therefore we encourage you to get up close and touch our animals!
Ready to make your event unforgettable? Our experience has allowed us to develop a unique animal outreach program designed to both entertain and educate audiences about some of the incredible animals with which we share our planet.