Critter Corner

a quick look at some of our more interesting and unusual furred creatures:

KINKAJOUS – known as “Honey Bears” are native to Central America and are nocturnal tree-dwellers (in the wild they spend most of their time in the treed canopy of rainforests). Kinkajous have prehensile tails which help with climbing, and although they kind of resemble monkeys they are actually members of the same family as raccoons and coatimundis – Fenny and Cally are our two resident kinks.

RING TAIL LEMUR Ringtails, native to southern Madagascar are arboreal, or tree-dwelling, but can spend time on the ground as well. Ringtails are part of the Lemuridae family, which is related to monkeys and apes. While lemurs can be very beautiful animals, they are also very intelligent – Myste, our resident lemur is always looking for ways to get in trouble.

SUGAR GlIDER – are small marsupial from Australia – these cute creatures look like a flying squirrel and having a pouch for the young. Sugar gliders are arboreal, inhabiting eucalyptus trees and have a thin stretch of membrane between their front and back legs that allows them to glide as they jump.

RICHARDSON GROUND SQUIRREL – are a member of the squirrel family and are often referred to as the “Flickertail Squirrel” because of the constant trembling of their tails. A Richardson’s ground squirrel is diurnal meaning it is active during the daylight hours. They are normally dark brown to buff yellow in color on their topside with a tan underbelly that displays some red highlighting.

DEGUSThe Degu is a small, rodent that is native to Chile. Degus resemble large gerbils and are sometimes referred to as the Brush-Tailed Rat. They are friendly in nature and have an exuberant personality, that allows them to become attached to their owners. The life expectancy of a Degu in captivity is five to 10 years.

HEDGEHOGSIt has been said that no other exotic has caught the attention of the public quite like the hedgehog. Their prickly spines, friendly and curious nature as well as that ever-smiling expression on their little faces have endeared them to millions of expressed hedgehog lovers around the world

FOUR EYED OPOSSUMSthese nocturnal marsupials are rare but fascinating pets – native to Nicaragua, Panama and Columbia these little guys are so named due to the cute spots over their eyes. Unlike most opossum species, Four eye opossums are not known to feign death when danger threatens – but will open their mouth wide, hissing loudly and making chattering noises

CHINCHILLAS – are curious creatures with a very large personality. They resemble a rabbits body with a squirrels tail. These members of the rodent family are native to Northern Chile and come in a variety of colors ranging from white to black with all colors in between.

CALIFORNIAN DUMBO RAT yes rats are clean, intelligent, affectionate animals which bond to their human companions in much the same way that dogs do, and with the right care should provide a comparable level of companionship. Dumbo rats are the same species as the wild brown rat, Rattus norvegicus, but have been selectively bred for looks and temperament.

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